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civil and building contractors in mumbaiKinjal Civilcon LLP is a construction and infrastructure company operating under the Kinjal Group. Kinjal Civilcon LLP was formerly known as Kinjal Construction Co. With expertise in civil construction, our company has undertaken many civil work projects for the government. We work for numerous government bodies and attend to the construction and infrastructure needs of a place. Kinjal Civilcon LLP is registered with the Public Works Department (PWD) of Maharashtra and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

In the last few years, our company has seen a boost in the orders for civil works. Our company is at the top of its game because of quality services. We have been receiving numerous orders for its quality of work and nominal cost. We have successfully completed multiple construction projects and regularly receive new projects revolving around the construction of buildings. Our company initially started with civil works and repairs and is continually expanding and developing by working on new projects. We are renowned for the completion of complicated projects within the stipulated time all thanks to our highly efficient team.

Kinjal Civilcon LLP covers numerous services under the construction and infrastructure domain. Some of the top services provided by us include:

1. Building construction

We construct both commercial and residential buildings according to the needs of the clients.

2. Building repairs

We take up any repairs or maintenance work for the building.

3. Road works:

Our team of civil contractors has expertise in laying down well built, quality roads for hassle-free movement between different places.

4. Flyover works:

We receive projects from the government to build quality flyovers and have been successfully building them.

5. Drains/ Culverts/ Nallah works:

We take nallah works to set a proper course and structure for the water to flow.

6. Landscaping works:

For landscape beautification, we also indulge in garden works. We ensure that the garden layout is perfect and people can enjoy their time in the space.

The primary focus of our company is to gain the trust of our clients and increase turnover with every passing year and to successfully complete numerous construction projects. Our company also aims to provide the best services to improve the infrastructure of any city or town. We are striving towards expanding our business both economically and geographically and are planning to make development plans for the north-eastern states in India.

Visit our construction & infrastructure projects page to know more.

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